Dog Boarding Near Me

Our Dog Boarding is all inclusive, hassle free and at the best prices. The spa treatment comes with a large dog lodging for your pet to sleep in as well as the usual amenities. We typically feed our dogs at least twice a day but can do three times if needed. For the most part, we do allow the dogs to play with each other, and they have a swell time. Small dogs typically play in the front or in the small dog bedroom separate from larger dogs. We also have a daycare area just for larger dogs. For dogs that cannot mix, we play fetch, blow bubbles, play tug of war etc, because we know many need a lot of exercise, and generally we make sure our dogs are happy, healthy, and safe.

Boarding Information


Check-in is between 2pm and 6pm Monday through Saturday. 
Payment must be completed at check in.


Check-out times are between 7:30am and 12pm Monday through Saturday and 7am to 9am on Sundays. 


A single dog is 35 dollars per night with each additional dog being 10 dollars. All dogs must be able to eat and sleep together to get the discounted rate.

Required and Requested Items


All boarding dogs are required to be fully vaccinated shown in their provided shot record with a recent Bordetella shot. This helps to prevent outbreaks of kennel cough and other dog borne disease in our facility. You will also have to fill out an online waver that is sent via text and or email. 


In terms of additional items, we request that our boarding dogs come with their own food, toys and sleeping arrangements as this helps put your pet at ease. By providing your dog with dog food, this keeps your animal on a stable diet. A stable diet helps tremendously with preventing diarrhea and helps us feed dogs that are picky. We try to return all toys and bedding in the same condition that it arrived in but dogs can be dogs. If you want to provide special milk-bone treats or bones we will happily spoil your dog accordingly. With permission from the owner, we typically provide chicken jerky treats. We also provide an extra soft dog bed or a moving blanket if a special bed is not preferred. This may not be the case for all dogs as some dogs shred, but we want our dogs to be as comfortable as possible.

Dog Boarding Amenities

All boarding dogs are typically mixed into our daycare group unless they are dog aggressive or unneutered / unspayed. Dog aggressive dogs or dogs with medical conditions that prevent mixing, are taken out several times through out the day but have more limited group play time. All boarding dogs are inside with both AC and Heating when needed. We provide treats, bedding and food if need be but we highly suggest bringing your own! We do fetch, tug of war, bubbles, kiddy pools, and more for our doggies. 


Doggie Daycare Group