Animal House Spa

The Animal House Spa specializes in petcare service. We currently offer dog grooming, dog boarding, dog daycare cat boarding and cat grooming. Special time and commitment is made to each and every dog and cat in our care as we treat them like family.  Additionally, we are also available for unconventional pets such as miniature pigs, lizards, etc, but that will be treated on a per need basis. Currently, we are appointment only but feel free to come in to meet us!

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding is one of our specialties! Our biggest differentiator is that we allow our eligible overnight dogs playtime with other daycare dogs and boarding dogs all day. They are walked every other hour and are pampered with treats when appropriate. Tug-of-war, fetch and other playtime activities are provided for dogs with lots of energy. Our dog kennels are nice and spacious and for the most part, our dogs only use them for eating and sleeping.

Doggie Daycare

Need to go to work but can’t bare to leave your dog behind alone? Doggie Daycare is right for you then. We can make sure your dogs get the exercise, social time, and bathroom time they need to be happy and healthy. Open from 7:30am to 6:00pm, our all-inclusive, no-hassle pricing and service will save you time and money.

Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming is another thing we do well. We will bath, brush, and trim your furry felines as needed. Regular brushing for a cat can help strengthen its coat by removing dirt and grime and can help spread natural oils. Even short haired cats should be brushed out and cleaned if they do not clean themselves well.

Cat Boarding

Come check out our luxurious cat cabins! Going away and need a place for the cat to stay? Our cat cabins are the way to go. Your cat will have the space to climb, sleep, eat, & drink and we have dedicated staff that will play with and take care of your felines all day long! Each cat cabin has its own light, litterbox, bed, high perch, and plenty of toys. There is even wood for your cat to scratch on!


We are dedicated to improving the Slidell Area Community. We actively support businesses and nonprofits that help improve the well being of dogs and their owners and do our best to give back to the community. Feel free to reach out to us about Slidell events or charities that are dear to your heart.

Registration Form for Dog & Cat Boarding

Please call us so we can get you in the computer, and then we will text or email our digital form.

In the form: The emergency transportation clause is in case we need to bring your pet to the vet, or back to its owner in the case of any inability to do so. The photo release is so we can post photos and videos of your animals, and the emergency care line is so we can allow for your personal vet to give care if need be. A list of AHS procedures is included and is signed for at the bottom.

Shot records are required and can be sent here: animalhousespa@gmail.com

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