Dog Grooming Near Me

Dog grooming is a service we take very seriously. We seek to always have the best groomers and are dedicated to not cutting corners in our grooms. We will make sure your dog gets the top-notch service they deserve. Our dogs will get their ears plucked and cleaned, nails trimmed, anal glands expressed, paw pads trimmed and more. All of this, on top of a good clipping and shaving where necessary. We have some of the longest lasting shampoos and conditioners that will not only help clean and strengthen your dog’s coat, but leave them smelling great for weeks. Our small dog grooming starts at $50 and increases based on size, matting and requested add-ons.

Dog Baths

Baths include nail clipping, ear cleaning, anal glands, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, and a cute bandana, bowtie, or bows!

Bath Pricing

Our baths start at $25 and increase with the size of the dog. Weight is not the only determining factor as prices may be adjusted based on the amount of hair, amount of work required, or frequency of bathing. We hope to build lasting relationships with our clients and so boarding and daycare clients tend to get better bath pricing. Pricing can also increase due to required dematting, requested deshedding, or other add-ons like filing. As a general rule, the AHS prefers to shave large mats as it is either impossible or torture to comb large mats out.

Small Dog Bath

Our small dog bath is $25 dollars with a small dog being <25 lbs.

Medium Dog Bath

Our medium dog bath is $30 dollars with a medium dog being 26-40 lbs.

Large Dog Bath

Our large dog bath is $35 dollars with a large dog being 41-75 lbs.

Extra Large Dog Bath

Our XL dog bath is $45 dollars with an extra large dog being >75 lbs.

Standard Doodle Baths

A standard doodle bath is $50 with a mandatory full brush out for $10. $60 total.

Brush Outs

Some dogs require extensive brushing. We typically require all doodles of any sizing to get a full brushout.

Bath & Trims

A bath & trim is essentially a bath with a sanitary cut included. A sanitary cut trims around the groin, rear, in between the paw pads, and any other touch ups needed like stray hairs on the face of white hairs on the legs.

A bath & trim adds $10 dollars to your bath price.