Cat Boarding Near Me

Looking for cat boarding near you? The Animal House Spa offers full sized cat cabins at the best prices. We will keep your cat safe, comfortable, and entertained overnight for vacations, holidays, and more. We know how hard it can be to find businesses that house cats and we wish to be your go to option for cat boarding related emergencies.

Cat Cabins

At the AHS, we prioritize space for our cats. We have floor to ceiling cat cabins for cat boarding. Our cat cabins come with circulating water and areas for the cats to climb around in. We maintain dedicated staff to play with your cats as well as the usual feeding, cleaning, and litterbox cleaning. We are continuously taking in new ideas and trying out new toys for our cats. Call us to schedule a good tour time and we will show you our cabins!!

Cat Considerations

We suggest to all of our boarding customers to bring their animal’s toys, bed, and food as it helps so much with keeping them calm and feeling at home. Providing food also keeps their diet the same which can prevent certain issues that can arise if your cat has food sensitivities or is picky. Of course, if certain amenities are missing, we will supply every feline friend with proper bedding arrangements, a litterbox, toys, and food if need be. 

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